Welcome to One fine world – a travel blog. Travel broadens your mind, challenges your preconceptions and makes you appreciate the little things in life. It’s confronting and just so damn enjoyable.

I created this space to provide a little travel inspiration and to help you plan your next adventure.

About me

I’m a 30 something New Zealander who grew up in Australia and spent my 20s in Europe. I’ve had 25 addresses in 12 different cities/towns/villages and I get itchy feet if I spend more than 2 years in one place.

I currently live in Brisbane with my English husband (I successfully imported him!). He’s my main travel buddy and we now have two little joeys along for the ride. Holidaying with a baby/toddler… watch this space to see how that goes!

Now to start planning another adventure… one pretty close to home, it is 2020.

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